Restaurant Ocean Club - Saint Tropez Curacao

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The best way to start the day, waking up while enjoying a nice breeze and fabulous ocean view! Make your choice from our a la carte breakfast menu. We serve breakfast from 8AM until 11AM.

Our lunchtime is between 11AM and 6PM. Our menus offer a wide variety of outstanding meals, like salads, sandwiches, bowls and many more.

We serve dinner in our beautiful & romantic restaurant between 6PM and 10PM. Enjoy one of Curacao's best dishes. Our cuisine is inspired by different international flavors, with a touch of Curacao. We can tailor our menu to your diets and allergies, just let us know! Check out our special promotions during the week!

Cool tip for free: Arrive before 6.45 (on non-cloudy days) and behold an amazing, mesmerizing and priceless sunset that drops in the ocean. 

Finger Food & Shares

Feeling snacky instead of hungry? Go for a some of our fine tapas. Perfect for when you are enjoying a few drinks. Snack tip: With a big group? Go for our Mixed- or Pincho platter.


Are you in the mood for only a drink? You are more than welcome! Let our expert bartenders mix you a delicious, refreshing tropical drink. Just sit, sip and relax!


Food & Drinks Menu
Sushi & Cocktail Monday Menu