Restaurant Ocean Club - Saint Tropez Curacao

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Visit our restaurant for dinner between 6pm and 10pm, to enjoy one of Curacao's best cuisines. Our cuisine is inspired by different international flavors, with here and there a touch of Curacao. Our menu caters to almost everyone, if you have any diets or wishes, just let us know.

Cool tip for free: Arrive before 6.45 (on non-cloudy days) and behold an amazing, mesmerizing and priceless sunset that drops in the ocean. 

We are open for breakfast everyday from 9am till 11am. Our lunchtime is between 11am and 6pm. Our breakfast and dinner menu offers a wide variety of light and hearty meals. And oh yeahh.... the beautiful ocean view and waves makes your start of the day simply amazing!


Finger Food & Shares

Feeling snacky instead of hungry? Go for a some of our fine tapas. Perfect for when you are enjoying a few drinks. Snack tip: With a big group? Go for our Mixed- or Pincho platter.

Dinner Menu
Breakfast, Lunch, Finger food Menu
Sushi Monday Special
Monday Cocktail Night